I was going through some of the photos from last years Oppikoppi festival and came across my favourite shot from 2008?s Oppi, its a shot of Hunter Kennedy during the aKING set as opposed to when he plays with Fokofpoliesiekar, I’ve processed the photo again, not much difference to the original but I like this one more. Anyway that was my first festival experience as a photographer and I was still fairly new to shooting bands/live music, so in the intervening period I’d like to […]


I’ve been a fan of Zebra & Giraffe since I first heard their single The Knife, a fan of Alan Shenton from the time I first saw him playing guitar in Harris Tweed(now Dear Reader). Not too much to say here  besides that I think he is an awesome guitarist. I went to Edenvale on Sunday to shoot some photos with Alan(www.alanshenton.co.za), my plan was to get a lot of ambient light in the shot with a city-ish background and thus get a […]